Natural lights impact on a room can be dramatic


Natural lights impact on a room is dramatic, it warms the room, makes you feel welcome and builds a presence. Research has found that a room with lots of Natural light helps you feel happier and healthier. I see the look on my clients face change when they walk into a home with a lot of Natural light. I have not done a study (yet), but I have noticed when showing a property with a lot of Natural light my clients and I will spend 15-20 more minutes in the property. How do you think this extra time affects the sellers bottom line? Having someone feel connected when they are making a purchase has a huge impact on the final selling price. Paint, staging and repairs have a big impact on how a property is perceived by potential buyer. Good Natural light will have a greater impact on the final sales price than all those things combined. As you look at the photo above can you see yourself throwing a large dinner party? Maybe having the family over for the holidays? If you’d like to make this dining room your dining room… it is possible. This dining room is part of a 5 bedroom 6 bath home in Atherton being offered by Pacific Union at $20,700,000. Feel free to contact me to schedule a private viewing.

To see more rooms with great Natural light click HERE

Who’s playing at San Mateo’s 2015 Central Park Music Series?

The  2015 Central Park Music Series Begins Thursday June 25th 6pm!

This year the Central Park music series begins with the legendary local reggae band, Native Elements, who will open the 2015 summer concerts in the park. This year’s line up has a little bit of everything from Reggae to Country and a sprinkle of Huey Lewis as well as Swing to Salsa.  Below is a list of the performers and the concert dates. Have a great time at the events and I hope to see you there!

2015 Band Line Up

Emotional Buying?

To say the real estate market in San Mateo over the last two or three years has been a very emotionally taxing on the buyers and sellers is an understatement. Referencing the numbers in the chart above clearly show properties are consistently averaging 108% of the list price and selling in 10 to 14 days! Buyers are trying to figure out how much will it take to get this property. Sellers are trying to make sure they get the best offer terms/price. If sellers miss this opportunity and take the wrong offer, it could cost thousands! Both parties are feeling concerned about making the best deal. How do both sides walk away from the negotiating table feeling good about the deal?
Some tips:
· First, don’t get emotional about the property or the process. Over the many years in my career, I have worked with clients who negotiate for a living (i.e. attorneys, CEOs, business owners) and I have witnessed them focus on swing sets, drapes, washer/dryers etc. which are items with personal value therefore they become products of dispute. This may make you lose focus on other concessions that will ultimately get you the home you want or the price you want. Look at the item not just by what it cost, look at reason why the person may want it or why you want it. You can separate yourself from your competition without spending extra cash.
· Second, don’t fall in love with the deal or the property until escrow is closed. Things change quickly. New houses come on the market, loans change, interest rates move and sometimes people change their mind. Being able to see the process as a way to get what you want in the long run, the house or the best sales price will keep you in the drivers seat and happy at the close of escrow.
I’ll share an example. I had a client back in 2009 that was in escrow to buy a condo that was being sold as a short sale for $490k. After a few weeks he thought the bank was taking too long with their process, he told me he felt the bank was “jerking him around until they got a better offer” so he canceled the transaction. The market started to pick up not too long after he and still has not bought a home in San Mateo. A property just like the one we had in escrow just sold for over a million dollars.
Patience is a virtue but specifically in this wild market.


Looking for remodeling ideas?

One of my clients was looking for ideas to help with their bathroom remodel. I sent them this  LINK for ideas. They enjoyed it so much I thought I would share it with you. The property in the photo above is located in Atherton and is currently listed for sale, the asking price is $14,950,000. If you would like to schedule a viewing please contact me. I hope you enjoy these beautiful homes.

Christmas Keys!

I have always enjoyed giving gifts during the holidays, this was the best gift I have ever given on Christmas Eve!

M o r e   i n f o